Marcus Granlund  «Our team has great atmosphere»
Salavat Yulaev23.07.2021
Marcus Granlund «Our team has great atmosphere»

-How was your vacation?

-It was really good summer. I feel great and ready to go. Cannot wait get the season going?

-As we know for the social links, you guys enjoyed summer in Finland. You went fishing with Harti…

- It was first time for me fly-fishing. Harti has been doing it a lot; he was good at kite there. It was a fun trip there. But now we back here and cannot wait to keep going.

-How is off season training going?

-I feel good. It is been a hard week for me. Get back all the testing and we have been going hard on the ice. It is been good. All the guys feeling good.

-  We did not make last season as we expected. What needs to be improved in our game to get better result?

-I think we all need take step forward.  Obviously, we have not achieved what we wanted, so we need to get better, play even more united, and play the same system. We got a couple new guys here and everything feels good.

- We got some new players in the team. What can you say about first days of working with them?

- I have been talking with them. Very good guys, they can help. Good atmosphere and energy.

-Previous season was your first one in Russia and you played pretty well according to statistics. What do you expect from the new season?

-I want to play the same level as I played in the last season. But obviously the playoffs. You want to be there and win the Cup. I think we have a good chance to do it this year.